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1/4" Chain Runner- Silver
1/4 Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 03-08-35-1349
Price: $29.32
Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds

The 1/4" Chain Runner is designed to control power, audio and data cables in a moving truss application. The Chain Runner clamps around the 1/4" chain on electric chain hoists and rides up and down with the hoist as it is operated. By placing the appropriate number of Chain Runners on the chain you can neatly and safely page the cables out of the way without the need for an expensive cable take up reel or an ad hoc rope rigging contraption.

The Chain Runner is manufactured to ISO9001-2000 standards and is CE marked.

Chain Runner specifications:

  • Size: 2.5" X 1.75" (6.35cm X4.44cm)
  • Weight: 5 oz (141.75 grams)
  • WLL: 44.09 lbs (20kg)
  • Construction: 6063 T5 Aluminum