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Fire Vent Closure Winch
Fire Vent Closure Winch Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 07-11-FV-C100
Price: $767.52
Shipping Weight: 32.00 pounds
Fire Vent Closure Winches solve the unique requirement of closing, testing and releasing spring operated fire vents.

Key Benefits:
Hassle free testing using the test arm, which releases the band brake and allows the fire vent to spring open without breaking the ETL (Electro Thermal Link)

Easy to install in convenient easy to reach locations at stage level, as specified or required by code. The winch can be mounted to a horizontal base or to the wall.

Innovative design provides holding tension through an adjustable band brake, connected to an ETL. In the event of a fire the ETL is broken and the brake is released, allowing the fire vent to open.

Reliable and secure operation with solid metal guards to protect key components and help protect against injury. The ETL access panel can be locked, securing the handle in the stored position, to prevent unauthorized operation.

Wire Rope Diameter: 3/16"
Single Line Travel Distance: 32'
Gear Ratio: 2.85:1
Ultimate Design Factor: 3.5:1
Brake Holding Torque: 200%