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    KMIII Max  1/2" Static Rope -Black

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      SKU: 01-18-13-4416
      KMIII Max 1/2" Static Rope -Black




      KMIII MAX static rope is a balanced construction rope that uses a 1-over-1 sheath pattern that significantly reduces the coefficient of friction and thereby reduces drag through protection and other climbing devices.

      Diameter: 1/2" / 12mm
      Tensile Strength: 10,000 lbs/4,450 kg.
      Weight per 100': 7.2 lbs/3.63 kg.
      Static Elongation:
            2.7% @ 300 lbf (1.35 kN)
            4.6% @ 600 lbf (2.70 kN)
            6.8% @ 1000 lbf (4.40 kN)
      Melting point* 480F/249C
      Recommended D/d ratio: 8:1
      Resistance to UV Degradation: Very High

      *Melting point will vary depending on application. Best practices recommendation is to not subject this or any polyester rope to temperatures higher than 200F/93C

      UL Classified to NFPA 1983:2006
      CE Classified

      Fall Protection
      Work Positioning
      Ropes Courses

      Working Loads:
      No blanket working load limit (WLL) recommendations can be made for any line because the WLL must be calculated based on application, conditions of use, and potential danger to personnel, among other considerations. It is recommended that the end user establish working loads and safety factors based on best practices established by the end user's industry; by professional judgment and personal experience; and after thorough assessment of all risks. The WWL is a guideline for the use of a rope in good condition for non-critical applications and should be reduced where life, limb, or valuable property is involved, or in cases of exceptional service such as shock loading, sustained loading, severe vibration, etc. The Cordage Institute specifies that the WLL of a rope shall be determined by dividing the Minimum Tensile Strength of the rope by a design factor. Sapsis Rigging uses the design factor of 7 to calculate the WLL of this rope.