BackStage Pass

BackStage Pass is about our stories. The kind we accumulate over a lifetime of working back stage and allow us to experience the trials and tribulations, successes and failures and everything else that goes into putting a show together. We're an industry of storytellers. It's how we yell, scream and holler at each other and how we praise, complain and negotiate.

BackStage Pass has gathered the stories of some of the leading practitioners in the industry in the hope that we can all share in the experiences these characters have accumulated over the years. You'll hear a bit about how some great, and some not so great, performances came together and how much fun it all can be.

So turn off your phone, find your seat in the house (it's in row J, I believe), and enjoy the story.

  Bill talks with idustrial hygienist Monona Rossol.   Bill talks with lighting designer Jennifer Tipton.  
  Bill talks with Fred Foster, ETC Founder & CEO. (Part 1)   Bill talks with Fred Foster, ETC Founder & CEO. (Part 2)  
  Bill talks with Neil Mazzella of Hudson Scenic.   Bill talks with lighting designer Richard Pilbrow  
  Bill talks with George and Josh Jacobstein of Rose Brand.   Bill talks with David Hale, Professor and Chair of the Temple University Theatre Department and David Hearn, Flying Supervisor, Lion King, Worldwide  
  Bill talks with Mark White of ETC.   Bill interviews Steve Terry, Director of Standards & Industry at ETC, and John McGraw, President of Production Arts Lighting.  
  Bill talks with Richard Winkler      
  Please contact Bill Sapsis if you would like to nominate someone for an interview or if you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

"Bill, this is extraordinary.  I can’t believe you and your crew made me look so good.” -- Neil Mazzella

"Well, thank you, Bill. You and the team have done a quite stunning job." -- Richard Pilbrow




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