Equipment Maintenance

Inspection, Maintenance and Repair of Motorized  Rigging Systems
Cable drum winches • Spot Line Winches • Line shaft winches
Motorized fire curtains • Curtain machines • Capstans' Winches

Performance rigging equipment, like any machine, requires regular maintenance.  Lack of maintenance will increase the likelihood of a component failure and those failures can be catastrophic, resulting in property damage, serious injuries or death.

Properly maintained equipment should give you trouble-free operation for many, many years.

Sapsis Rigging recommends annual maintenance of all rigging equipment. Inspection and maintenance services are conducted by factory trained Sapsis Rigging personnel.

OSHA requirements call not only for regular inspection and maintenance of all motorized systems but also documentation of all services rendered on that equipment. Sapsis Rigging, Inc. will help you design a program that meets OSHA requirements and fits your needs.

How much is this going to cost? The definitive answer depends. Your location and the amount of equipment have a direct bearing on the price. So does the accessibility of your rigging system.   Please call or email us with a description of your system and we can provide you with a cost proposal.


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